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HVAC Services & Maintenance

HVAC Services & Maintenance

HVAC Asset Management

From HVAC Surveys to Preventative Maintenance to Full Coverage, and everything in between, CSUSA Strategic Accounts will help you maintain your mechanical systems in the manner that best meets your business goals. Most importantly, we provide you with scheduled Management Reports that track the condition and historical repairs that are so important to Real Estate and come budget time.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Want to improve system reliability and minimize your downtime? CSUSA Strategic Accounts helps by shifting your spend rate from emergency and after-hours repairs, to a more comprehensive maintenance plan that helps avoid the most common breakdowns. Employing modern remote control technologies with our 24/7 Customer Service Center, we can even predict the need for several service routines, which allows our technicians to get to the root of problem – before it impacts your business.

HVAC Surveys

We regularly perform regional and national mechanical condition surveys, from the equipment to the duct and piping. Photos and ratings are uploaded to our web-based asset tracking system, SureFIX, so that you can access your information any time, anywhere.


Typically employed for dark sites, or for locations that may soon consolidate or close. When an uncertain future means that a maintenance contract is out of the question, we are able to dispatch service in the event of a sudden need.

Prescribed Maintenance

We provide the peace of mind to know that your equipment is being maintained per manufacturer and industry recommended processes. We also take into consideration your operating schedule, local environmental conditions, and your recommendations based on experience and budget.

Comprehensive Coverage

When surprises are unacceptable, elect for a comprehensive coverage solution from CSUSA Strategic Accounts. Full coverage of your equipment and systems allows the experts to focus on your HVAC systems, so that you can focus on your business. We work with you to create a mutually beneficial business agreement, and can even modify the scope of the solution to meet your financial structure.